Our Vision

Our initial challenge was to devise a fully automated trading program for which the level of safety is provable with regard to known conditions of trade and market fluctuations.


The main shortcoming of existing mainstream automated trading programs is their inability to put the causal links on how they work.


On the contrary Captain Algorithm is committed to explicitly explain how its automated trading program works and let the users test for themselves its trading performances.



Our Objective

An increasingly globalized economy and workforce will entail a growing demand for foreign currencies solutions for retail costumers worldwide.


Retail Forex and/or CFDs trading when traded properly can fulfill both the needs for investment and act as a personal currency reserve for the cosmopolitan and finance conscious retail costumers.


In such a context, our ambition is to become a company that such a clientele will turn to.



Our Philosophy

Do the math. Be logical. Trade safely and profitably.


We believe that successful Forex and/or CFDs trading has more to do with game theory than statistics.


Managing a set of relevant trade positions is more capable of delivering steady profits than trying to guess where the market will go next.