With the continuous development of web-technologies, retail foreign exchange trading has firmly gained in importance over the last decade.


Prior to the advancing of retail Forex trading online, foreign exchange trading was a business exclusive to large financial corporations.


Nowadays, any investor or trader can have access to professional grade foreign exchange brokering services.


Over the last several years, retail Forex trading has been convincingly embraced by individuals and small money management firms alike - so much as to amount to approximately $282 billion in volume of daily trading turnover in 2016 (representing 5.5% of the entire foreign exchange market).




Studies made by financial regulatory agencies and private companies in the Forex industry have come to a similar conclusion : retail traders are loosing their money.


In some countries, the loosing rate of retail traders can be so high that the competent financial authorities have made risk acknowledgment and disclosure compulsory for companies operating in the retail Forex industry.


As attested by many market studies, retail traders tend to overestimate their chance of trading profitably while underestimate both the technical difficulty level and dedication level required to trade Forex adequately.


In particular, a study conducted by a large international bank has pointed out that 84% of retail Forex traders believe they can achieve positive monthly return while it is assessed that only 30% of current and potential retail Forex traders can actually achieve positive monthly return.


Trading Forex is complicated and is actually more complicated than one can expect. To understand how Forex markets fluctuate is in itself quite daring, and all the more so it is to predict future price changes. Furthermore, to trade Forex properly one need to be well-acquainted with all the trading parameters involved in the process, while those same parameters may change from one broker to another and even change over time.


Another aspect that new Forex traders tend to overlook is the level of discipline and dedication required to achieve consistent trading results.




Captain Algorithm is an innovative and fully automated trading program that runs with all Metatrader 4 Trading Terminal.


Captain Algorithm is designed to autonomously carry out trading from start to finish.


While continuously computing relevant trading parameters and monitoring market data changes, Captain Algorithm undertakes autonomously all necessary trade orders to achieve its trading objectives.


Captain Algorithm has been programmed centered around three leitmotifs :

  • Safety : Captain Algorithm implements a consistent trading methodology which makes it possible to assess the level of risk at each step of the trading process. Captain Algorithm will make all the relevant decisions with regard to the risks it has detected and will warn the user accordingly. Furthermore, Captain Algorithm allows the user to select the safety level of its trading.
  • Profitability : Captain Algorithm has been programmed to identify trade opportunities through constant monitoring of market data and through communalization of trades information among Captain Algorithm's users. Besides, Captain Algorithm comes with an integrated money management component that records profits and losses in order to back its trading decisions.
  • Reliability : Captain Algorithm has been programmed to run for an extended period of time without interruption. Captain Algorithm is also fully redundant capable.


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