Quick start

> Step 1 : Download and install MT4 trading terminal from the brokers you have chosen.


> Step 2 : Download and install Captain Algorithm on the computer you want to use.


> Step 3 : Open the installation folder of Captain Algorithm or double-click on the desktop icon of Captain Algorithm. Open the folder named "Captain Algorithm Script" and copy the folder named "Captain Algorithm v4.1090" (the version may vary). 


> Step 4 : Open the MT4 trading terminal to use, click : File > Open Data Folder. In the the opened Data Folder window click on the folder name "MQL4" then click on the folder named "Scripts". In that "Scripts" folder paste the folder "Captain Algorithm v4.1090" previously copied.


> Step 5 : In the MT4 trading terminal, click : View > Navigator or type Ctrl+N. In the Navigator window pane left-click on the item named "Scripts" and select "Refresh". Expand the item "Scripts" and you will now find the item "Captain Algorithm v4.1090" listed. Expand the item "Captain Algorithm v4.1090" and double-click "Captain_Main" to launch Captain Algorithm.


For an illustrated step-by-step guidance please refer to the user manual.