> Are listed here the best performing symbols when using Captain Algorithm in accordance with our trading statistics, experiences and sentiments.


> By increasing order of difficulty :

1. Indices

2. Stocks

3. Cryptos

4. Forex


Forex is generally considered the most difficult for Captain Algorithm's users due to the relative lesser fluctuations of Forex pairs, lesser well-defined trends and more difficult trading conditions.


> It is therefore recommended that less experienced traders start trading with Indices or Stocks.

Best Indices



Why ? : Nasdaq by the nature of it enjoys large fluctuations which favor the trading logic of Captain Algorithm.


What happened ? : Frequent ample movements during the year has helped Captain Algorithm's users achieve substantial gains.



Why ? : An almost 30% downturn trend since early 2018.


What happened ? : European uncertainties linked to Brexit and doubts about the German automobile industry has caused DE30 to significantly slide down thus helping Captain Algorithm users achieve significant profits.



Why ? : Captain Algorithm makes more profits when the fluctuations are more ample and such ample fluctuations have been delivered by XAUUSD.


What happened ? : A double movement of roughly 25% in price since the beginning of 2018 to August 2018, than back to its current level was sufficiently ample to put XAUUSD on the third place of this ranking.



> Indices can be quite heteroclite depending on brokers so it is difficult to arrange a comprehensive ranking. Therefore depending on your broker you may want to look further into the available symbols to trade with.


> Stocks indexes per country - such as US500, USTech, UK100, etc. - can have very well-defined trends and therefore be significantly profitable. Shall you be trading with a given index for the first time, it is recommended that you type the index name you want to trade with in the "Symbol" field - upon launching Captain Algorithm script - and leave all the other "Symbol" field blank then let Captain Algorithm do the rest.


> Beware that profitability of indices depends for a significant part on the brokers you are trading with, who may offer better or worse spread conditions and/or commission structure.


> When in doubt select "Indices and stocks only" for the option "Trade symbols type when on Automatic" and leave the "SYMBOL" fields on "Automatic" in order to let Captain Algorithm automatically select the symbols it considers more promising.


> As with stocks, indices will generally have a better yield on longer term trading. So you may want to select "Short term" or "Mid term" for the "Trading horizon" of the indices your are trading.


> For a steady profit rate, you can try to set the trading horizon for indices to "Instantaneous".

Best Stocks



Why ? : GE has been on a downturn trend since Dec 2016 and the year of 2018 has seen the continuation of this trend.


What happened ? : For industrial, financial and organizational reasons GE has fallen out of favor from investors. The stiff downturn trend that ensues has made the symbol particularly profitable for Captain Algorithm users.



Why ? : A more scattered and diluted video game market has significantly diminished profitability prospects for video games makers.


What happened ? : For several years in a row ATVI has been seeing the lowering of its traditional revenue streams without any clear new growth market niches in view : this of course has sounded the disengagement from investors and triggered a significant downturn trend that has earned Captain Algorithm users sizable profits.



Why ? : Similarly to ATVI, EA has suffered from a blurrier video game market with the increasing importance of freemium games from mobile developers.


What happened ? : The mid-term prospect for EA cannot be very optimistic. So that the quote of EA has been almost divided by a factor of 2 since its pic in July 2018 to early this year. This downturn trend has contributed to push EA to the third place of this ranking.



> Beware that the commissions applied to stocks CFDs tradings by brokers can vary greatly and be really stiff. So you may want to try the MT4 demo version first.


> Remember that brokers will compete on the terms of the trading conditions offered (such as lesser spread, no commission, equity bonus, interest rate, credit card, miscellaneous services etc.)


> Pick stocks of companies that you know will be in the news either positively or negatively.

> Remember the more ample the fluctuation over time, the better for Captain Algorithm.

> Select several random "stocks gurus" to follow : Captain Algorithm does not bother with either their predictions were correct or not as long as there are ample fluctuations with the said stocks.


> Stocks on longer trading horizons can delivered significantly much higher profits than on shorter trading horizons.

> The beginner's usual tactic for trading stocks with Captain Algorithm is to enter the stock name in the "Symbol" field and set the "Trading horizon" on "Mid term" and leave all the settings on "Automatic".


> More advanced traders will use "Manual profit trailing" in order to catch the full length of a trend. For instance one can consider the example of GE or AMZN stocks.

Best Cryptos



Why ? : Well the price of that pair has fluctuated - been divided - by a factor of nearly 20 since January 2018 until early this year.


What happened ? : A sudden defiance of cryptos has made the pair plunged spectacularly thus generating spectacular gains for whoever has used Captain Algorithm over that period. So spectacular that it is probable that we may never see such event occur ever again in our lifetime (

most definitively an all time best in terms of trading).


With Captain Algorithm either big upturn or downturn trends mean big profits (higher the wind faster you sail as the Captain will put it).



Why ? : Not as spectacular as the first place of this ranking, the pair has been divided roughly by a factor of 10.


What happened ? : The defiance of cryptos has been contagious.


Always remember big upturn or downturn trends mean big profits with Captain Algorithm.



Why ? : Similarly to the second place of this ranking the pair has been divided roughly by a factor of 10.


What happened ? : The doubts over the sustainability of cryptos have been contagious.


Always remember big upturn or downturn trends mean big profits with Captain Algorithm.



> Cryptos have been incredibly profitable with Captain Algorithm due to the excessively large fluctuations of last year.


> Beware the leverage offered by brokers on Cryptos can vary greatly - always remember, the higher the leverage the better when trading with Captain Algorithm.


> Cryptos are the riskiest symbols to trade with in general due to the nature of the underlying asset itself.

Best Forex Pairs



Why ? : The pair generally has ample fluctuation over time while most brokers offer a reasonably low spread for EURJPY.


What happened ? : An almost 9,000 points sudden drop of the JPY at the very beginning of the year has helped boost considerably the profits made by this pair.



Why ? : The pair generally has a reasonable fluctuation since both AUD and JPY have an important role in financial markets in Asia-Pacific in particular and in the world in general. However brokers may not offer a competitive spread for AUDJPY.


What happened ? : An almost 11,000 points sudden drop of the JPY at the very beginning of the year has artificially and considerably pushed the profits made by this pair helping it achieve the second place in this ranking.


This second place is questionable since the profits made by this pair is usually mitigated by a wider spread and the fluctuation is generally less than what has been witnessed at the beginning of this year.



Why ? : Recurrent gargantuan transatlantic financial deals have led this pair to achieve substantial fluctuations over the last few years.


What happened ? : The running downturn trend of the GBP since mid-April 2018 until early January this year has yielded substantial profits to whoever has used Captain Algorithm wisely (in particular with "Manual Profit Trailing").


Although the results of this year are much less spectacular than the results achieved in the foot-steps of the Brexit vote, the GBPUSD fully deserves the third place in this ranking for this year.




> The higher the amplitude of fluctuation of a given pair over time the better.


> The higher the ratio of the maximum minus minimum - in points - by the average spread - in points - the better i.e. : (Maximum-Minimum)/Average spread.


> Has the market flattened out, ask yourself why and will the stagnation persist ? Then avoid trading with the latter symbol (normally such event will trigger a warning by Captain Algorithm which is programmed to detect and avoid such stagnation).


> An example of Forex pair to avoid : EURCHF. This symbol has low fluctuation and is usually offered with high spread by brokers. This means that your profitability will be low or negative (on Automatic Captain Algorithm will automatically avoid such symbol).


> Stocks, Indices and Cryptos will generally be more profitable than Forex because the fluctuation of the former types of symbols will generally be larger over time.


> When in doubt select "All symbols" for the option "Trade symbols type when on Automatic" and leave all the "Symbol" fields as "Automatic" i.e. do not enter any custom symbol (upon launching Captain Algorithm); then Captain Algorithm will trade with the symbols it deems the most promising.


> "True ECN" accounts are much better fit to trade Forex than "Standard" accounts because the spreads offered are much more competitive.


> When trading Forex, Micro (Cents) accounts offer a very safe trading experience with Captain Algorithm although the profitability may not be as high as trading with other account types and/or symbols.