> Account type detection

Calculate the equivalent of one trade unit to determine the account type : Standard / Mini / Micro (Cents).


> Automated trade symbol selection

Automatically select the symbols that will be traded among all the symbols available in the trading terminal. The selection of the traded symbols depends on the recorded fluctuations of the symbols over time.


> 19 Base currencies

Captain Algorithm accepts 19 base currencies by default : AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, HKD, HUF, JPY, MXN, NOK, PLN, SEK, SGD, TRY, ZAR and RUB. For any other base currency the user will have to enter the acronym and its conversion rate with USD manually.

> Margin requirement monitoring

Monitor margin requirement in order to readjust trade decisions and risks.

> Spread monitoring

Monitor spread in real time in order to readjust trade decisions and risks. Warn user of excessive spread.

> Leverage monitoring

Monitor leverage and change trade decisions accordingly. Warn user of sudden excessive reduction of leverage. Change trading pattern should the leverage have been reduced too drastically.

> Volume sizing

Determine the appropriate volume of trade per position in accordance with the trading strategy chosen by the user.

> Maximum of symbols to trade

Determine the maximum of symbols to trade with in accordance with the trading strategy chosen by the user.


> Stop loss setting

Automatically set Stop Loss for all managed orders.

> Smart stop loss adjustment

Stop loss of managed orders are constantly readjusted in relation to trading conditions and market fluctuations.

> Automated order close

Automatically close order when stop loss or take profit cannot be set - i.e. closed manually by the program.


> Margin level notification

The user can set the level of margin level below which a push notification will be sent to his cell phone.


> Negative balance protection / Stop out level

The user can set the level of margin level below which Captain Algorithm will automatically close all opened positions in order to protect the trading account against negative balance.

> Constant market monitoring

Constantly monitoring market fluctuations to back trade decisions.

> Volatility detector

When volatility is too high, Captain Algorithm will temporarily stop trading.

> Account rating

Estimate the safety level of a given trading account.

> Trading mode

The user can chose between 5 trading modes according to the desired level of safety and/or profitability per symbol traded.

> Trading horizon

The user can chose between 6 trading horizons depending on the expected market fluctuations per symbol traded.


> Manual volume adjustment

The user can manually adjust the volume of trade of the positions taken by Captain Algorithm.

> Full history of trade

Each series of trades initiated and closed by Captain Algorithm bears a specific order comment and is recorded on a dedicated .csv file.

> Timer

The user can set timer for the duration of the trading with the option of a periodic timer.

> Communalisation of trade information

Share relevant trades information among Captain Algorithm's users.

> Pegging alert and stop

Should the fluctuation of a trading pair be contested by a specific publicly known legislation, an alert will be prompted and the trading of that pair will be stopped remotely (available for major Forex pairs only).


> Money management

Automatically track and consolidate losses, profits, swaps and commissions of managed orders.

> Trade decision

Determine when and what type of position to take.

> Ongoing P&L monitoring

Monitor P&L (Profit and Loss) of each ongoing series of trades.

> Automated scalping

Captain Algorithm will automatically scalp the positions it has opened when applicable.

> Automated profit trailing

Captain Algorithm will work until the series of positions it has taken, is profitable. Then Captain Algorithm will profit trail until a reversal of price is detected and will automatically close all positions of the series and earn profits.

> Manual profit trailing

Instead of closing automatically profitable series of positions, let the user profit trail manually. There are two modes of manual profit trailing.

> Manual order taking

The user can manually take new position "Buy" or "Sell" while the thus taken position will still be automatically managed by Captain Algorithm.


> Profit or loss target

Set the limit of profit or loss after which Captain Algorithm will automatically stop trading with a given pair.

> 24h/24h 7/7 continuous operation

In order to not miss any trade opportunity Captain Algorithm runs continuously for 24/24 7/7.


> Custom symbols

Captain Algorithm is now trading with Stocks, Indexes, Cryptos and any custom symbol. You can enter any symbol for Captain Algorithm to trade with upon launching Captain Algorithm.


> Core functions

Captain Algorithm has been coded with core functions of MQL4 and C++ warrantying the stability and longevity of the code.

> Strict compiler rules

The code of Captain Algorithm has been compiled with the strict directive allowing for a safer and more reliable code.

> Automatic re-initialization

Captain Algorithm will automatically re-initialized itself whenever it has free time on its hands. Every week-end Captain Algorithm will re-initialize itself to keep all the data fresh and in order for the market opening.


> Push notification

Sending important notifications directly to your phone for specific events (such as the ending of the trading series, Captain Algorithm main has stopped and redundant has started trading, sudden reduction of leverage, etc).


> Full redundancy

Since Captain Algorithm is fully automated and requires a constant 24/24 7/7 management of the trades, a redundant capability is essential for the safety of the trading. When the program running as main encounters any issue (such as connections problems, OS failures, power outage, computer crashes, etc) the redundant program will start trading for the main program.


> Auto switch back

When the issue encountered by the main program is minor such as connectivity issue - i.e. when the main program is still running but is unable to perform trading tasks - the redundant program will start trading for the main program until the latter regains proper trading functionality. As the main program regains proper trading functionality, the redundant program will be automatically put back to its monitoring state.

> Low minimum hardware requirements

Captain Algorithm can run on a Windows VPS with specifications starting from 521mb and 1 core.

> Update

Whenever updates are available you will be notified and will be able to download the updated version on the Captain Algorithm website.

> Technical support

Technical support is provided to help you with any issue you might have when using Captain Algorithm. Please note that priority is given to subscribers.