Trading tips

With time you will come to realise that Captain Algorithm offers a broad range of use and allows for a variety of trading techniques. Hereunder are listed a few trading techniques that new users must try in order to better understand how Captain Algorithm works and how one can increase its profitability.


> Technique 1 : Leave all options on "Automatic" or said otherwise do not change any option upon launching Captain Algorithm. Increase the volume traded on the pairs you know that will have a higher fluctuation in time. This "all automatic" technique is generally sufficiently profitable when the spread of the account is sufficiently low, however profitability can be disappointing shall the spread of the account be excessive (i.e. above 15 points).


> Technique 2 : For pairs you know that will have an ample fluctuation in the future, select the option "Keep managing without placing new trades" in "SETTINGS". Leave the market evolve for some time - i.e. as the market has moved away from its initial level - before manually adding new position to the series in "SETTINGS" by selecting either "Buy" or "Sell". As the market keeps moving away the profits of the positions will increase accordingly. When the profit level of the series is sufficient switch back to "Automatic" or "Land" to cash out. You can also significantly increase the traded volume of the pairs with which you are implementing this technique.


> Technique 3 : For pairs you know that will have an ample fluctuation in the future, select a longer trading horizon such as "Mid Term" or "Long Term" and select a more conservative trading mode such as "Conservative" or "Very conservative" (please note that although you have selected a specific trading horizon and trading mode, everything remains automatic i.e. Captain Algorithm will manage all orders as normal and will decide when to automatically close the series). Large market fluctuation when caught timely can deliver truly large profits. To cash out earlier select "Land" or wait until Captain Algorithm decides to close the ongoing series of trades. This technique delivers higher profitability for pairs that have higher amplitude of fluctuation over time such as EURJPY or GBPUSD.


> Technique 4 : For pairs you know that will have an ample fluctuation in the future, select "Manual profit trailing - Stop placing new trades" and wait for the end of the current trend. This technique will yield much higher profits to more experienced users. To cash out select "Land" or "No / Close now".


> the larger the market fluctuation is, the better for Captain Algorithm; particularly when one is able to catch an ample wave, the profits can be really large.


> when in doubt, set all options back to "Automatic" and select "Yes" in the option "Land my account now", then wait.


> don't be impatient since Captain Algorithm uses time to compensate for uncertainties, it will generally close the ongoing series of trades profitably given enough market evolution (therefore requiring time).


> do not trade with the option "Aggressive" unless you have a good market knowledge and a good understanding of the trading logic of Captain Algorithm.


> you can still loose your equity shall the market stagnates for too long - how long your trading account can withstand such stagnation depends on its score and rating - so should there be a good reason for a long market stagnation - such as a pegging of a given pair - you should stop out and consent to the ongoing losses (although such events are rare, they can still happen from time to time particularly for trading accounts with lower scores and ratings).