Captain Algorithm offers an unlimited and free Demo version giving you the opportunity to have a better understanding of how Captain Algorithm works and be better acquainted with using the software.


> Download and install the MT4 trading terminal from the broker you have selected and log into your trading account.


> Download and install Captain Algorithm on your computer.


> Please note that after the successful installation of Captain Algorithm you will need to copy and paste the Captain Algorithm Script into your MT4 trading terminal - please refer to the QUICK START or the user manual for more details.


> When launching the script and either the field of "Username" or "Password" is left blank than Captain Algorithm will automatically run as Demo. To run the real version of Captain Algorithm you will need a valid "Username" and "Password" that can be obtained through subscription.


> Three main functionalities are not available for Captain Algorithm Demo :

> Real / live account : Captain Algorithm Demo will run on MT4 Demo trading account only.

> Push notification : sending to your phone important notifications from Captain Algorithm.

> Redundancy : a redundant when launched on another computer will start trading in lieu of the primary program shall the latter encounter issues that impair its operations.


> Captain Algorithm Demo is completely free and you can install and run Captain Algorithm Demo on as many trading accounts as you want. Since there is no limit on the number of Demo you can use, it is advised that you install and try Captain Algorithm with various brokers.


> You can use Captain Algorithm as Demo for an unlimited time.