> Captain Algorithm is offering two options for its subscribers to enjoy cashback :

    1. Cashback with Captain Algorithm.
    2. Cashback with our partner.


1. Cashback with Captain Algorithm


> What is cashback?

When the user starts trading with one of Captain Algorithm's partner brokers - the user having been introduced by Captain Algorithm - the broker will pay Captain Algorithm marketing and promotional fees on every realized trade and/or for the opening of a Real trading account. We share with the user part of this revenue. It is called cashback compensation or rebate.


> How much cashback will I receive?

The amount of cashback a user can receive from Captain Algorithm will depend on :


1. the volume traded over the month.

2. the symbol traded.

3. the account type.

4. the partner broker selected.


> How will I receive the cashback?

The cashback compensation will be directly transferred to the user's Paypal account on a monthly basis.


> Is the cashback compensation money freely usable?

Yes. Since it is transferred directly to the user's Paypal account.


> Do the trading conditions change?

No. The trading conditions for the user remain unchanged whether the trading account has been opened through Captain Algorithm or directly on the broker's website.


> How much does the cashback represent in terms of monthly ROE?

Cashback compensation can vary from 0.5% to 1% monthly ROE when using Captain Algorithm depending on the variables cited above. So cashback is a boon not to be missed when trading with Captain Algorithm - particularly when trading with Micro (Cents) accounts where cashback compensates for a generally lesser profitability.


> How can I be part of the Captain Algorithm cashback program?

For the time being Captain Algorithm cashback program is offered only through the following promotions :


1. Free subscription + cashback.

2. Free upgrade + cashback.


Follow the instructions of the above mentioned promotion(s) and you will automatically be part  of the Captain Algorithm cashback program.


> When will I receive the cashback?

You will automatically receive cashback compensations to your Paypal account one month after our partner broker confirmed to us that you have registered your trading account through Captain Algorithm properly and that you have been trading on that account properly.




> Cashback with Captain Algorithm is a promotional offer. As such there is no obligation whatsoever by Captain Algorithm to pursue the cashback promotional offer.


> Captain Algorithm reserves the rights at its sole discretion to cancel, discontinue and/or alter the cashback compensation program anytime (this will normally happen only when the relationship of Captain Algorithm with its partner brokers have been altered - given that the cashback by Captain Algorithm is made possible only because Captain Algorithm receives marketing and promotional fees paid by its partner brokers in the first place).


> Prior to the cancellation, discontinuation and/or alteration of the Captain Algorithm cashback program, the subscriber will be notified 1 month before.


> The cancellation, discontinuation and/or alteration of the cashback promotional offer will not affect the user's trading account with the partner broker i.e. the trading conditions will remain unchanged.


2. Cashback with our partner

> You can also enjoy cashback by opening a Real trading account through our partner.


> Our partner is offering a more numerous choice of brokers with which you can receive cashback than Captain Algorithm.


> Feel free to join our cashback partner and select any of the brokers suggested.